Gena Rowlands Band

The following people played on the new record--which is the best work we've ever done:

Thunderstick: Eric Axelson (whom you may know from Maritime and The Dismemberment Plan)

Drums: Vin Novara (percussionist extraordinaire from Canyon and CrownHateRuin)

Keys: David "The" Durst (he of many GRB tours and recordings, and Maritime, and Fast Eddie)

Violin: Jean Cook (again, GRB native and member of Beauty Pill, Ida, Jenny Toomey, Jon Langford's bands, et al.)

Guitar: Jason Caddell (again, The Dismemberment Plan, former excellent roommate, and current kickass producer)

Singing and shredding and carousing: R. Foolheart Massey XIV ("quatorze")

In a city full of mercenaries it's worth remembering: music sounds best when made by friends. Never forget.

Cheers, Bob M.