The Gena Rowlands Band


From the album, The Nitrate Hymnal, by The Gena Rowlands Band + Anti-Social Music, available directly from Lujo Records. Soon to be available from iTunes, Insound, Amazon and elsewhere.

-- The End - mp3

From the album, La Merde et Les Etoiles, available directly from Lujo Records and Autoclave Records. Available in stores (such as Interpunk and Amazon) and for download from Apple iTunes.

-- Kong Meets His Maker (A Parable About Dating) - mp3
-- The Last Words of Lesley Gore - mp3
(You can hear more on MySpace and Apple iTunes.)

"(trailer)," on Autoclave Records, can be purchased directly..

Also available: Sally Forth Records, The Pet Series 3. Contains a remix of the song, "Tom Shroder's Blues."